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What is a codefest?

A codefest is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers, designers, project managers and others involved in software development come together to develop a solution or prototype to solve an issue or opportunity. Other participants often included in a codefest are subject matter experts that collaborate intensively on software projects.

During the Government of Canada (GC) Blockchain Codefest, individuals and/or teams are encouraged to develop solutions leveraging blockchain technology that address a public sector problem or opportunity.

Why does it exist?

This GC Blockchain Codefest is taking place in order to provide participants an opportunity to work with the GC, academia and industry professionals to develop meaningful contributions to the Government of Canada’s digital future. It serves not only as an incredible networking opportunity for participants, but also as an opportunity to inform Government perspective on blockchain technology.


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How it works

Dates, Teams, Submissions, Locations, Registration...


By entering the GC Blockchain Codefest, participants agree to abide by the rules and decisions of the organizers.


The primary codefest will occur in Ottawa for GC employees during the week of April 16th and confirmed satellite codefest locations will occur in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, St. John’s, Seattle, Johannesburg, and Ghana.


Teams will select one theme from a provided list of public sector use cases. Teams may contact TBS and propose an alternative public sector use case.

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